Due to unusual and extreme weather conditions and the COVID19 impact on production, availability of materials has decreased, and the cost of materials has increased substantially.


High demand for limited raw materials, and reduced production during the last year and a half of hydroseeding fiber has increased cost. Wood fiber is also now no longer available for delivery to California until mid-2022 at the earliest, so it is limited to stock on hand.


Native seed has little or no availability due to the unusual weather conditions that occurred last spring and summer. Several species of native seeds are not available, and those that are available are in limited supply and much higher cost.


Turf seed, especially Perennial ryegrass, suffered losses due to weather. The seed crop this year was damaged due to the major heat wave with record high temperatures that hit the Pacific northwest.  Cost for the limited remaining available seed has increased significantly. 


To obtain materials that are still available, vendors are requiring payment in full upon ordering and delivery because of the volatility and high demand. We are recommending to our clients to evaluate seed and material specifications (including substitutions if not available) and to secure needed materials as soon as possible for projects that need to be completed for the remainder of this year and for next year.